Jan 19, 2012 - Annual Volunteer Luncheon at the Torrance Toyota Museum.



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Torrance-Lomita Meals on Wheels Newsletter

December, 2011

From the President

Newsletter Editors

Mary Fair, Suzanne Gemmel, Cathy Mueller, Jerry Steele

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Why wait for a phone call to substitute!  Did you know you could call the office and tell them what day you would like to be a driver or rider?  There is a very large calendar that is kept on the sign in table where the office staff will gladly sign you up.  It keeps track of when substitutes are needed.  You can either sign up yourself on the calendar, or you can call in.  You control the dates you work!


The Volunteers



Hello Volunteer Angels,


As the year comes to a close I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and also to say thank you for your dedicated service to the Meals on Wheels Organization.


In early October Cathy Mueller and I were invited to be involved in filming for Torrance Channel 3.  Of course Meals on Wheels was the subject.  They were on location with us at the Towers as well as delivering a meal to one of our clients.  It will be aired on Channel 3, Torrance Cable TV.  As soon as we are notified of the date we will pass it on to the volunteers.


Our Volunteer Luncheon will be January 19, 2012 at the Torrance Toyota Museum.  Doors open at 12: 00pm to view raffle prizes, lunch at 1:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you.

Board of Directors

President: Margaret Estrada

Vice President: Janice Plank

Secretary: Frank Miles

Treasurer: Ron Smith

Board Members:

Shirley Bogan

Jana Ditmars

Mary Fair

Sue Gemmell

Gen Gorciak

Jackson Henry

Cathy Mueller

Bernice Rose

Jim Ryan

Jerry Steele

Gary Thompson




Office Staff

Office Manager: Laura Bohm

Office Staff: Vivian Prosise, Michele Long

Save the Date - Volunteer Luncheon

A Special Thank You to all our Wonderful Volunteers, Generous Donors and Loyal Sponsors

Steve Dollar

Get to Know Our Volunteers


From the Office


Margaret Estrada

Board of Directors President

The office would like to say Happy Holidays to all of the dedicated and loyal volunteers who selflessly give of their time each week.  May the spirit of giving continue to touch your hearts throughout the coming year!


A special thank you goes out to Mary Porter who volunteered to organize the office and kitchen areas. Soon you will see her results.


The office also wants to thank Connie Lakowski and Lorraine Beckett for taking on the task of our supplies and snack purchases.  It has been a monumental help each week.


Of course there are always more thank you to go around, but I'm saving some for the future. 


Laura Bohm

Office Manager

Meet Steve Dollar

Story by Jerry Steele


Many Meals on Wheels volunteers will already know Steve Dollar because they have delivered with him as their substitute partner.  


Steve is a substitute specialist with no assigned route.  He delivers about twice a week.  He delivers as either the driver or rider and will go on any route.  He is often called upon on short notice.  Because he substitutes so often he is familiar with all the routes and knows many of the customers.


Steve was a United Parcel Service (UPS) driver for 28 years so he brings professional knowledge of delivery service to his volunteer work.


He sometimes gives good natured critiques of routes - ”A UPS driver probably wouldn’t do this route this way because . . .”  He has impressed many with his skill at backing up his vehicle.


Steve has volunteered for almost 7 years and has served one 3 year term as a active member of the MOW Board of Directors and has agreed to serve another starting 1/2012.








“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

Did you know that another way to help our organization is to volunteer at the Palos Verdes Resale Thrift Shop? Palos Verdes Resale is a non-profit organization committed to community service and the support of local charities.  They collect and resell donated articles in order to generate funds for a variety of charities.


The entire shop is staffed by volunteers. For every hour of your volunteer time, you get one vote. At the end of the quarter, votes are tabulated and the amount of money to be dispersed is divided accordingly.  The more votes MOW has, the more our disbursement will be. This quarter every vote was worth $13.00 in disbursements and a total of $70,000 was distributed to 11 qualifying charities.  Aren't we blessed?


Connie Lakowski, Gen Gorciak, Nancy Ingraham, Ron Smith, Teresa Deland, Jana Ditmars, Mary Kessler and Vivian Prosise are all volunteers at Palos Verdes Resale and can tell you how fun it is and what wonderful bargains they carry. Volunteers can work whatever hours they find convenient to fit their life. And if you can't volunteer, stop by and check out the merchandise.




Ralphs Community Contributions

It's not too late to sign up for the Ralphs Community Contributions Program. The new year started on September 1, 2011. If you were signed up last year, you must sign up again this year for your purchases to make contributions to Meals on Wheels.


We are very excited about receiving the upcoming quarterly report from Ralphs, as many volunteers, family and friends have signed up for the program.  We also passed out bar codes at Ralphs on two Saturdays in September.  This should be a good report on the amount being donated to Meals on Wheels.

Volunteering at Palos Verdes Resale Helps Meals on Wheels!

Ralphs Community Contributions - cont.

As a reminder, Meals on Wheels is part of the Community Contributions program at Ralphs Grocery Stores.  Each volunteer can sign up online or in person with our “scan bar” code.  Just pick up the scan bar code from the office and take it to your Ralphs Grocery Store.  They will scan the bar code once and from then on, for one year, a portion of your purchases will be donated to Meals on Wheels. To sign up online, logon to your account at ralphs.com and select Community Rewards. From there, you can enter our organization number of 90555 or search by name starting with Torrance and enroll. 


If you average $300 a month in groceries, you will average $4 a month to be contributed to MOW.  If 100 volunteers sign up, then MOW will average $400 a month donated to MOW!



Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to all of our wonderful Volunteers!